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Principal Investigator


David T. Plante, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Medical Director, Wisconsin Sleep
Program Director, Sleep Medicine Fellowship
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Plante is a clinician-scientist with a broad background in sleep and psychiatric research that has shaped his translational perspectives on biomedical investigation. He attended medical school at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, during which time he conducted basic circadian research on cryptochrome in the laboratory of Dr. Aziz Sancar, sponsored by Howard Holderness Fellowship. Dr. Plante subsequently completed residency in Adult Psychiatry at the Massachusetts General/McLean Hospital program in Boston, MA. Dr. Plante then completed a clinical sleep medicine fellowship at Brigham and Women's Hospital, followed by a dedicated research year sponsored by a physician-scientist training award from the American Sleep Medicine Foundation (ASMF), under the mentorship of Dr. John Winkelman. Since coming to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010, Dr. Plante has continued to conduct translational research at the sleep-psychiatry interface, sponsored by Research Awards from the ASMF, Brain and Behavioral Research Foundation, and NIH.

Current Graduate Students:

Jesse D. Cook, M.S.
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jesse earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a double minor in Chemistry and Classical Studies at the University of Arizona (2012).  Jesse began his Sleep journey as a research assistant in Dr. Richard Bootzin's Sleep Research Laboratory, where he developed a fundamental understanding of sleep methodology, utilization and analysis of sleep diary and actigraphic data, and proficiency with polysomnographic (PSG) application and interpretation using 6-channel electroencephalography (EEG).  He joined Dr. Plante's Laboratory in June of 2013 as a Research Specialist within the Department of Psychiatry.  In Fall of 2017, Jesse began his pursuit of a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, under the primary mentoring of Dr. Plante.  Jesse's primary research program focuses on improving the assessment, classification, and treatment of hypersomnolence without known etiology. Additionally, he has developed a supplementary program purposed to clarify the ability of commercially available sleep tracking devices as sleep-wake estimators, for both clinical, research, and recreational purposes. Jesse previously served as the Sleep Research Society (SRS) Trainee Member At-Large (2020-2021) and currently provides support to the SRS Communications Committee. He is also affiliated as a trainee member with the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Society. Looking ahead, Jesse intends to pursue a career that bridges the clinical, research, and industry domains. He strives to be licensed as a Clinical Psychologist, with a specialty in Behavioral Sleep Medicine.

Cook JC_CV_Fall 2021_Full

Current Research Team:

Research Specialists:

Michelle K Tran, BA

Michelle Tran graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a BA in psychology. She became interested in Sleep when taking a biology psychology course with the famous professor, Dr. Matthew Walker and sleep psychology course with Dr. Allison Harvey. Following graduation, unhappy with her move back home to sunny southern California and working at a private medical office, without second thinking, Michelle applied to work at a Sleep Lab in metro Detroit. Michelle thought that she could easily transition from Sunny California to sad, chilly, and snowy Michigan but boy, was she dead wrong. However, under the excellent mentorship of Dr. Christopher Drake, Dr. Philip Cheng, Dr. Vivek Pillai, Dr. Thomas Roth, and the Henry Ford Sleep Disorders and Research Center Staff, Michelle found her calling and loved working at HFHS. There, she coordinated many grant and clinical research studies, did multiple overnights, ran tests, scored sleep, and did all types of crazy sleep things for 4 years. Michelle currently serves as the Research Specialist for Dr. Plante's lab. Her main interests are coordinating and running studies, public policy for sleep education and reform, sleep and health (nutrition, stress, memory etc). When she's not doing sleep stuff, you can see her drawing blood as a phlebotomist, baking, working out, and of course, her favorite hobby, sleeping.

Research Assistants:

Past Members:

Graduate Students:
Emily Forscher, PhD

Research Specialists:
Michael Goldstein, PhD
Mike Prairie, B.S.

SPMH Shapiro Research Fellows:
Christopher Zarbock

Research Assistants:
Sydney Notermann
Mike Prairie
Sam Boroumand
Lara Rotar
Logan Zweifel
Amber Plowman
Sahand Eftekari
Erika Dallman
Megan Sippy
Sara Khan
Amer Marzuki
Hannah Mesmer
Paige Messa
David Ferry